Juices Sweeteded Naturally

Add to your meal a healthy recommended vitamin c , in addition to a good taste of fruit that makes you fresh. Rebal drink is sweetened of soft natural sugar provided of many approach nature tastes which are near to the natural fruits .
Above all , it has an easy preparation , soon server , provides the troubles of looking for some rare presence fruits in the country . we have already the solution by present to you more than 15 flavors that are all imported from the most famous countries over the world .

Put 2 TSP of Rebal drink powder in a cup, add cold water while stirring , you will see the natural color and taste. Serve it to your family and guests.

Make sure that the product and content are identical to the latest international specifications and  mobilized   within various packages intended for the consumption of food and different weights .


Number in Carton
6X(12 Packets)
600 g - 2 k.g

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